Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Depression

He went down in the seventh round, the ratings were terrible. If you were a radio-head, you would think that everything was going good, they had their president and they had the majority. The reality on the ground was much different. The way of thinking had changed, there was no patriotic atmosphere, people were mainly just concerned about themselves. I witnessed four robberies in a span of ten hours. Children roaming the streets, parents hidden away in dirty bathrooms shooting up. This is what a crumbling society looked like, and all it took was a stock market crash. At the top of the hour, men were headed to work and then at the bottom of the hour they were being handed a pink slip. In less than a day a place employing over seven hundred workers stood empty. Every channel on television would kill for ratings. Children cell phone bills held parents from maintaining control of the family bills. In the middle of the city, people watched as the homeless crisis took center stage. “How did this happen?” Read a sign on a building... The beacon of human hopes and aspirations were shattered by a new rule of law that eliminated them with artificial intelligence. A man made virus wiped out almost fifty million people. A new study found that seventy percent of the brain was no longer used. This was the new depression, one person picking up a dirty bowl in the middle of  a bottomless pit. The elite had drained the life out of everything. It would take the smile of an angel to save us from this mess. The rainbow is on the other side of the world now was the number one song and everyone was singing it.

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