Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Let me warn you, this is a deep description, some will understand it and some won’t.
How a person lives could possibly explain their intellect over time. I once tried to understand the reason behind life and death. It’s a challenging study, I questioned immortality and people who define themselves as gods on earth. It’s not that these people are evil or foolish, but they’ve tapped into a part of the human conscience that many do not understand. How would you respond if you visited a place and watched important people jumping off of a mountain, only to die. Let me inform you that it would be foolish to assume that these were stupid people. Some choose to die early because they’ve reasoned with the fact that death is inevitable. Some just don’t like it here and some delight in testing the waters or putting their finger into the electrical socket. In their intellect they’re testing the geometric laws that govern the universe; many choose to challenge these laws or convince others to. It’s like a good race car driver that understands aerodynamics and a poor person that understands hunger, these people have mastered an art that few people understand, sometimes unwillingly. When a person has tested these laws and becomes certain of the afterlife, they lose the fear of flying. In testing the laws of life and death one can master the fears of mortals. This may sound crazy but those who test these laws believe in immortality and usually would rather die young than to die old. This wisdom is what defines a daredevil. They play with the laws of the universe and are not afraid of what you may fear the most: death. To live is only an illusion which dwells in the temple of the brain. When the vessel dies the soul goes back to the source. Those who’ve mastered this art know that the universe is infinite ♾ and life is to. They are certain of this belief. When you leave your vessel you wake up to an eternal cycle that never ends. I would dare you to test it out, but I love you to much and I enjoy our time here, so please don’t try to test these laws. Haven’t heard of anyone who returned to confirm the answer and even if they did, not to many people believe them. It’s like telling people the god of the universe visited earth because he’s fascinated with his creations and dares to come down and play with them. I dare you to believe that. One of the hardest things about life is watching someone you love pass on, it’s hard to let go. The dare takes time.

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  1. To Dare is not the answer. To believe is.
    How many people have tested the Universe only to have discovered too late that it is exactly what it is said to be?
    Infinite. Ever expanding. Beyond Comprehension or Measure.
    Our own limitations are the only boundaries to what we may be or become.
    Please do not consign yourself to a short life.