Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pudukhepa and the One Eyed Giant King

The Philistines were huge people, many of their men were beastly and only had one eye in the middle of their foreheads. On their quest to gain territory, their God told them not to attack the Hittite tribe. On there quest to invade Phoenicia there king was tempted to destroy everything in his sight. The God of the Hittite people had shown much favor to the children, whom all had been chosen to inherit the land. Pudukhepa, was in grave danger as the Philistines slaughter her parents. Her mother was eager to save her so she hide her inside of a huge smoke screen vase before the savages tortured her and killed her. At that time these vases were a wonder of the ancient world and an item cherished by the Hittite people. Disobedient to their God, the Philistine king tried to conquer all of Israel. This angered the God of Israel so once all of the adults of the Hittite tribe had been held captive by the Philistine army the Hittite children were left to fight. Pudukhepa climbed out of the vase and led the children of the Hittite tribe on a raging battle to regain their territory and control of what was left of their land. In a massive power crave the king of the Philistines took one of the children by the hair and attempted to sacrifice the child to the Philistine God. Pudukhepa saw this and took an abandoned sword and chopped off the one eyed giant king's head. All of the surrounding armies could not believe what had just happened. In this frightening battle, the raging monster king had been slain by a female child whose parents had been slaughtered by the giant Philistines. Having no orders and  no king, the Philistine armies retreated while the surrounding Israeli armies came to the aid of the Hittite people. In all astonishment the surrounding tribes had no reward greater to give a child who now had no parents but had saved the Hittite people of Israel. Pudukhepa was only driven to avenge her parents' death and now she was put at the center of everyone in Israels heart. The mercy shown by the people had pleased the God of Israel and the other nations would soon understand peace by the hands of a child avenging her parents. No one understood what had enticed the Philistine king to prove how powerful he was, but his rage had somehow shown the other nations that war was not a good way to rule anymore. Never again would the lands see war and the orphan child Pudukhepa would grow to be an honorable woman. She planted a garden in north Hittite and would die a virgin. Many of the Hebrew people believed she had been touched by the God of Israel. Other nations believed that she was the mother of a new world in need of better leaders.

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