Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Melvin the Generator

Melvin Garret graduated at the top of his class in college. He had so much going for him that he almost seemed untouchable. Shorty after a huge dissertation on electricity and how it's generated, his addiction to achieve took ahold of him. Melvin was challenged by an underground group of graduates to create a machine that could make people invisible. When Melvin got the challenge he gave up his whole life, everything he had was no more. Day and night he stayed and slept in the basement of his new lab trying to defy the laws of physics. After Father's Day, on a sunny summer day underneath the ground, it happened. He took two lab rats and sent almost twenty-five thousand volts through them both. In real time it seemed as though their flesh was burned, but Melvin noticed something strange when they were being fried. He noticed different colors of electricity.
"I need to know what those colors are. I need to trap them," he explained to his colleagues.
One of his top engineers began to scratch his head, "And how do you plan on doing that?"
Melvin took a dry-board marker and started writing on the board, "In the midst of the electric shock, we need to freeze the test subjects and capture pictures of the electricity. If my hypothesis is correct, we should see their spirits merge with the electricity. I need to see the colors."
Fixing his shirt collar, Emmanuel, who was the head of the engineering department began to have some doubts, "But sir, you've already broken every law in the book already. What do you want out of this?"
Melvin slowly put down his marker, "If we can figure out what color the spirit is, then we have found the invisible man. Once we know where that energy comes and goes, only then my friends, will we get to the bottom of this."
Winston, who couldn't help but home-in on the conversation, began to give his input, "Well Einstein, you're missing some vital pieces to the puzzle. How can one comprehend reality, without the tools that offer what reality is?"
"What is reality? How do we know that what is real, isn't  real?" Melvin begins to pinch his skin, "How do we know that this is real?"
In his statements, Emmanuel began to rub the cross around his neck. After months of the laboratory losing power and hundreds of lab rats being ordered, Melvin had finally put all of the pieces in place to face up to the challenge. With the help of seven engineers and three physicist, Melvin stood in the middle of two beams of light that would turn him invisible.
"You would think he would have saved money just creating a vibrating suit," one of the engineers assigned to the project, said with a smirk on his face as all of the spectators sat around to watch the unthinkable.
Sitting center stage, everyone in the room watched a man pump almost twenty thousand volts of what he called "static energy" into his brain. Disappearing in thin air they all felt the static electricity touching them. Melvin had tricked them. The center piece was to protect him and steal all of their energy and inject it into him. He had found a way to take the colored specimen of electricity and inject it into another species, while being able to convert their energy into one species, which was him. Feeling every vibration of nature he sizzled through the door, while the smell of burned flesh filled the air. He felt as though he were hearing voices. Everything that he touched disappeared including the floor as the core of the earth sucked him straight through the ground. Melvin's experiment had not only worked but it elevated him to become non-existent. Melvin had become nothing but static electricity flowing through the thoughts of everything he touched, never to be seen again with the necked eye. If you ever get shocked and feel a tiny bit of intellect in your thoughts, the rumor is that Melvin is in your brain.

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