Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Lost Boys

A bunch of lost boys searching for a friend, hanging upside down around the theater at ten. Most of them are looking for a place to live. They seem to want to feel alive, something to get their blood flowing, or maybe something just to get by. One word from the imagination is all that's left. Some of them save themselves and wait for God to relieve their stress. With no parents in sight they wonder why, hiding their tears and facing their fears. They sit and ponder about the natural laws of the universe, waiting for and giving out answers so things can make sense. Some are searching for money, some of them shoot guns and punch the walls crushing bricks, some even punch other people just to run and jump the fence. A drink here and there, a smoke, and some even hang around with prostitutes just to fuel the soul. Some of them despise polluted thoughts and many of them run around saving souls. Some shy away from inspiration because they've been let down and when they need love, no one is ever around. Some pump iron to pass the time. If only the next generation could pass the test but really nothing makes sense, at least they say, many of them in all actuality just want to have a good day.
Are these boys considered failures for searching for never never land? Their thoughts hang around and welcome other words of expression. A little girl sings a song and tears fill their eyes, thoughts of love fills their hearts as she looks them in the eyes. Images of being great or having someone wipe away a lonely tear as time ticks away. In search of a happy ending and standing up for whats right, flying through the sky at night; alone on the corner or sleeping in the woods; afraid of a shadow, in search for good. Walking by they hear a woman on the porch singing, she welcomes them in her home - takes them in and cleans them up, then becomes their friend. The lost boys disappear in the night, never to be seen again, flying away to a far off galaxy with other lost boys and a boy named Peter Pan.   

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