Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The givers of Baptist Creek

Baptist Creek was a small town but the people there were all very cheerful and known for giving things away. The amazing thing about Baptist Creek is that the people didn't have much but they kept on giving. Everything they worked for they gave away. No one could understand why they kept giving but it was starting to become a national problem because people kept taking. Even the people who didn't need anything just kept taking and taking. Through it all, the people of Baptist Creek kept on giving. On a late September afternoon the small town next door was attacked by invaders. The invaders came in and grabbed as much loot and hostages as they could for ransom money. It turns out that eight little girls from Baptist Creek were in the mix of the chaos.
"Annie May, step forward," one of the invaders said amongst the nine children. When this happened all of the little girls from Baptist Creek stepped forward.
At this moment in time on any other ordinary day, people would not have given their life to save anyone. How valuable was Annie May's life. Once the invaders took everything they needed and even all of the precious little girls, the town's people were in sorrow. In disbelief and uncertainty about the loss, the people kept giving. When a famine hit the land, Baptist Creek's wells somehow were filled with water; when life was lost, Baptist Creek's wives somehow gave birth to more life and when things seemed impossible, Baptist Creek somehow made it possible. To this day no one still has a clue on how this small town was able to do so much with so little until eight little stars emerged from the sky after the only sun that the earth had, had burned out. Once the eight little stars emerged to give the earth more life along with heat, the gates of Baptist Creek closed. Eight little lilies grew at the gates of Baptist Creek and the eight little girls that sacrificed their lives for Annie May returned home with Annie May. It turns out that the invaders fell off the edge of the earth and died with the dying sun and once the eight little girls returned to Baptist Creek, the people of Baptist Creek got in their spaceship and flew away and their was no one left to give. Once the people of Baptist Creek went away everyone on earth started to suffer because no one would give.
"What is going on, our sun has been replaced with eight stars but we have nothing left. Baptist Creek comeback please we need you!" Shouted the people of earth. After their spaceship vacation the people from Baptist Creek returned and started giving again, but this time the surrounding people said, "Thank You." For the people of earth now knew what the world would be like without the great givers of Baptist Creek.
The End.

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