Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Riot on Chapel Mountain

Eleven days had passed after a volcano had erupted on Chapel Mountain, but human nature was still human nature. A dark cloud of ash had darkened the skin of all of the people and the soot filled the lungs of everyone below. The people could not understand why the founder of the village would build a village right by a volcano. When they tried to flee the village they noticed that there were locked fences that trapped them in.
"HELP  US!" Echoed through the air, as the people cried out for assistance.
With no mirrors the people were afraid of each other and all of the ash and soot that had darkened their skin had made them all look the same but in their minds they were different. Quarantined from the rest of the surrounding neighborhoods, a loud gun shot was heard.
"Lord, he shot him dead," one of the residence screamed running out of the desecrated park.
All of the citizens of Chapel Mountain came running into the park and noticed a body laying on the ground with ash, soot and blood all over it.
"Who did this?" Shouted one of the citizens.
"I don't know, everyone looks the same now so we don't know who did it. I heard the gun and I came running in and found him dead," one of the village people replied.
Another gun shot soon was heard as screams filled the air.
"What the hell is going on?" Cried another citizen of Chapel Mountain.
"We're being exterminated!" Screamed a woman dashing out of the crowd of people.
"Run for your lives!" Screamed another woman.
With no one knowing what was going on everyone started trying to knock down the fence that blocked them in.
"HELP US! PLEASE HELP US!" They all screamed trying to escape the village.
After days of no help and no government or officials to save them the people started helping themselves. The ash and soot had soaked into their skin and they all looked the same.
"I guess we will have to govern ourselves," a voice emerged from amongst the crowd of people.
"They left us here to rot and die but we will prove them wrong; we will become stronger than them."
The people started building and becoming smarter and the survivors started reproducing and the babies came out glowing like volcano lava.
"We are a different people," a man explained.
"Since we are different, the others do not want us to mingle with them."
As the population of Chapel Mountain increased, the people tore down the fence and began to attack and riot the outside cities. Revenge was in the air as rocks and burning bottles crashed through the windows of the surrounding businesses. Screaming and violence was rampant.
"They will feel our pain. They left us in the mountain to die!"  A voice shouted amongst the outrage.
As the people continued rioting and fighting, it started raining. The rain washed the ash and soot off of the leaders of the forgotten people and revealed their true identity. The rain even put out the fire that was started by the riot. All of the forgotten people looked at each other and noticed all of the scars and bruises that had made them become what they were now looked upon to be. In this revelation, they stopped the violence and took all of their weapons and went back up into the heart of Chapel Mountain.
On there way back up, the other people who locked them away would not let them leave.
"We are sorry for forgetting about you. You still feel, you still love, and you still speak; therefore, we are all the same people."
In these words of peace the forgotten people united with the others and built an iron wall to protect them from the volcano.
"On this day we will never leave another citizen of Chapel Mountain behind," the mayor proclaimed as they all declared the anniversary of the tragic day a holiday.

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