Thursday, February 25, 2016

Elijah Rock of History

Elijah, can you hear me?
The rock of all prophets, uplifted in the streets.
Feared by the man better known as woman.
Casted into heaven, history warns the souls.
I give you my words so I too can be bold.
Sold as a slave.
Rising from the grave.
Dying on a cross that hangs sideways.
I see between hieroglyphics through stories untold.
You save good people when events unfolds.
A chariot of men riding on waves.
Casting out spirits that hold us as slaves.
History prevails in a story so bold.
Standing in a field that grows and grows.
Elijah was a rock, casted into heaven.
It took many prophets, I counted 11.
Rise on the third day see what you can.
A bridge on holy water catch me if you plan.
Elijah was a rock, history repeats.
Falling from the heavens to save little sheep.
As time goes on and the cycle completes, Elijah will return and arise from the streets.

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