Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Story of the Last Slave

There was something unique about this slave. When he fell he got up, when he got spit-on he kept going. For some odd reason this slave never said anything, he didn't sing or even pray with the other slaves. He worked, then worked, then worked some more. He was solid and would always smile at the morning sun. When people talked to him, he just smiled and kept working. When one of the slave owners saw this he became upset so he beat this slave. He beat him so bad that he couldn't walk. Then he took a noose and he hung him from a tree. The slave hung there for hours and didn't move. He hung there until the sun came out and then he smiled. He didn't die. The slave owner's daughter took him down when everyone got tired of watching him hang. She fed him and when everyone on the plantation saw this they stopped working and took a break. This man was so bruised that he just smiled at the sun. He laid there alone in the field by the tree with a bowl of water next to him and a piece of dirty bread. He couldn't move. All the other slaves later picked him up and carried him off to comfort.
"What does this mean?" One of the slaves asked.
"I think this means that God has sent all mankind a savior. When this man dies we have to keep telling his story so that no man may become a slave again but will work for his keep," another slave replied. The next morning when the sun came up, time went on and a rock was put by that man's grave. Everyone remembered that slave and wrote about him in books when they became free and educated. A month after his death a beautiful tree began to grow by his grave. After the story of the last slave was published and forgotten, as time went on, a school was built on that old plantation right on top of his grave. The school had a library and somehow the story of the last slave ended up on it's shelf. A young kid read it and went from a failing student to the top of his class. He kept the book never to be a slave to failure again. The cycle went on until a city of gold was built on that plantation. When the city of gold was built. Mankind had become so filled with knowledge that the kingdom of heaven was now on earth. Man lived with God in the eternal kingdom of heaven never to be a slave to another man again.    

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