Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The old Iron and the peace keepers

Harriot, how is it that when you heat this up it gets out the wrinkles. That's interesting.
Lucretia, why won't they fight?
This iron is only sharpened with other iron.
Is that why you don't say much Harriot?
I think I know why they won't fight back.
I think I know why they won't say what they feel.
If one beats the other and the other fights back, will the iron get hot?
No because the iron isn't human.
What these people are facing Harriot isn't human; so why fight?
The heat from the old iron will teach them how to make a new iron better.
When you heat the old iron up it will cool down and it will iron out the wrinkles when hot just like the new iron.
If you make it hotter, it will burn the cloth.
If you make it cold, it will just slide across the cloth as weight.
Harriot you too will be old.
Lucretia you too will be old.
Is an old iron brand new to a new generation?
Watch them fight and then get tired.
Enjoy the peace and then get wiser.
Harriot you must be like the iron and save what you can so that others will know what iron can do.
Lucretia you must be like iron so when they look at you they'll be sharper.
A peace keeper must know that when an iron is hot it burns; when an iron is cool it's cold and you can touch it.
So how do you defeat what isn't human without war?
You must do what a human understands, because an iron does not know what being human feels like; therefore, it's not human.
A peace keeper must watch nature and understand that a human cares for another human.
When a flood comes, if you learn how to swim there's a good chance that you'll survive.
If a human acts like an animal then you must teach him or her how to be human.
If they can't be human then they're animals.
Is an animal the same as a human?
The peace keeper must do what he or she was made to do.
The peace keeper must be like a cool iron that becomes hot only when there's no peace.
The peace keeper must only fight for peace.
Then when there's peace he or she must teach the others how to be human again.
Then the old iron will become new.
I'm tired Harriot.
That is why I'm here to give you strength.
When this is over we'll feel human again...I promise.

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