Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mrs. Coleen and the Cotton Hoe

Once upon a time far in the history of a divided country there was a plantation. On this plantation there were slaves and slave owners. Out of all the slaves Mrs. Coleen was the smartest and bravest. She got so tired of picking cotton that she ran away for three years.
"Anybody seen Mrs. Coleen," one of the slaves shouted.
"Hell nah, Mrs. Coleen don ran off into the woods. She don escaped this here hell hold," Sister Marl said scratching her head.
It was hot so everyone was moody.
After three years had passed on a hot summer afternoon there was a loud engine noise coming from a distance. Afraid of losing their life all the slaves and slave owners went running for the hills.
"Oh lord, that look just like Mrs. Coleen ridin that there ridin mower," Sister Marl shouted.
"That's because it is Mrs. Coleen. She don went and invented somethin. She gon put us out of work." Sister Earl explained.
When one of the slave owners saw what Mrs. Coleen had ran off and invented they freed all the slaves and sang hymns together honoring Mrs. Coleen.
"This here is genus," one of the owners said.
 Mrs. Coleen turned out to be a hero.
"This here is my Cotton Hoe, and when I ride I be pimpin all deez hoes in the field," Mrs. Coleen declared as she jumped off of the cotton hoe to free everyone. When all the other slaves saw this they went and invented things themselves. Soon after all the inventions, the owners of all the plantations didn't need slaves no more so they freed them all and put it in the Constitution.
"Weez free!" Everybody screamed.
Mrs. Coleen took her invention to every former plantation and even got a patent.
Till this day there ain't no more plantations with slaves all because of Mrs. Coleen's cotton hoe.
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