Sunday, May 17, 2020


If you hide it, they’ll probably find it.
They’re watching you.
When you’re teaching them, they’re mainly hearing the stuff they’re interested in.
If you don’t guide them, they’ll find a leader, until they can do it themselves.
If it’s glass, there’s a good chance they’ll break it.
When no one is around, they’re  probably doing something they’re not suppose to do.
They crawl, they walk, they run, tangle, play and slide.
They smile, laugh, cry, and scream.
You give them sugar, they’ll want cream.
Some settle for the little things and some want it all.
What else can bring you down to earth more than a kid, put them all together and you got kids.
Get some rest before they wake up.
Make a budget because things add up.
Say no and feel their wrath.
Say yes, but think twice because if you give them an inch they’ll take a yard.
They’re Kids.
Little miniature humans that yearn for love and attention.
I can’t explain everything, but I’m sure a kid will try and figure it out.

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