Thursday, May 7, 2020

R&B Andy

On every last Saturday of the month during the school year, 80808 West Blvd Rd, Route 1 East was the spot. Andy was his name, he was named after his uncle Andy Brown who died running from a speeding ticket. R&B was Andy’s game. He was an odd ball and everyone thought he was crazy but they knew whom to call when they needed Rhythm & Blues. New styles can start in some strange places, Andy’s journey started out in his parent’s garage in the rural area of Briansville Ohio.
“Frank, Andy’s in the garage again,” Gina, Andy’s mother said to his father while looking out of her bedroom window.
After about two hours she decided to go check on him. From afar, she heard some amazing sounds. The garage was jumpin, and the windows were all fogged up. When she opened up the garage side door, Andy was standing on a big wide crate at the other end of the garage with his juicy jerry curl, singing his heart out in some glitter gold slacks with his band playing by his side. The garage was packed, girls from all around the area came to hear his music. They all came to listen to the new king of R&B, “R&B Andy Love.” Andy’s mother pushed through the crowd of girls in her huge garage to get to her son.
“Andy, what is all this? What are you doing with no shirt on?”
“It’s the music Ma. Don’t you feel it? The ladies love the sounds, it makes them feel alive and loved. The music has power, don’t you feel Larry’s cords, if you want something a bit more up tempo let me know. I have to produce so the world will make more babies. That’s my duty,” Andy explained to his mother with his microphone away from his face while the rest of his body gyrated to the music.
She took a second look at what her son had been accomplishing all this time,
“Did you charge at the door?”
“Oh yeah, you passed up Big Steve, he’s collecting at the door, CDs on sale too.”
Gina gave her son a thumbs-up and eased her way out of the session.
On Mother’s Day he bought her a new car with his savings and asked her to be his manager.
She accepted and Momma was always there, she didn’t miss a beat, and when people needed rhythm and blues they knew whom to call. Just think, everyone thought Andy was crazy until he found a band and a microphone.
And that’s the story of R&B Andy, A.K.A Andy Love.

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