Saturday, May 23, 2020

A Life without Evil

The devil who?
 I’ve never heard of such a thing.
By god you’ve brainwashed me to only see and do good.
I know no evil.
Is that why the people around me hate me?
Do they hate me because all I do is good?
Look at my life, everything is right, I’ve never cursed or even thrown a fist to fight.
I’ve lived a life seeing, hearing and doing no evil.
The regulars they make fun of me, while they break the laws of the land.
The women joke about me because I’ve never been touched, they think something is wrong with me.
But I tell you nothing is wrong, only right! Only right! You hear?
What has become of my clean ways?
Look at all that I’ve accomplished. Why should I change?
What is evil?
Is it drunkenness?
Is it corruption?
Is it sloth, jealousy or greed?
Is it lust, sex and sin?
What is evil?
Look at the people when I walk by, for I set the standards, I alone raise the bar.
I’m the light in this dark world, for I’ve lived a life without evil.
There’s nothing boring in all the good that I’ve done, for I’ve enjoyed stitching a cloth of good.
I’m proud of it.
Better yet, I’ll continue on and make a quilt for the children in need.
Am I different? Am I sewn from a different cloth?
No, I say.
I’m just good.
Kneel before me, you should be blessed to be in my presence, for I alone have lived a life without evil.
Humbly bow before me, I’m showing you the way.
I shine and rise like the sun, turn night into day.
The planets and the entire universe revolve around me.
For I alone have lived a life without evil.

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