Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Legend of DJ Conservative and the Thankful 5

A long time ago in a place far away, there were two turntables. The God man had not formed anything but a turntable and some records. Then he created Amon; Amon was given a place to scratch and utilize the turntables. The God man birthed Amon into existence on earth. This is where Amon would mix and play the sounds of nature. When Amon mixed things came alive. In his sleep he could hear nothing but tunes. The God man placed him in a boxed room with a stage that contained the boom. He was placed here until the mother ship arrived with the five beings. Amon was to prepare tunes for eight generations until the five beings were brought to earth. Once Amon prepared enough music for eight generations the mother ship landed with the five beings. Keisha, Keyla, Nina, Tina, and Nicole were given to Amon to groove. When they grooved, the God man gave them birth rights to another generation. The God man told Amon to use the turntables wisely and to keep the music clean or he would curse a generation of grooves men. Once earth became good and in the mix of Amon's tunes, Amon was given a name by the five beings.
"We will call him 'DJ Conservative'."
 This name was only for Amon. He was given the name because the music was clean and filled with groovy sounds that the beings loved. Amon found love with the five beings and they produced more generations. There was no strife in them only harmony and tunes. Amon scratched and mixed sounds just like the God man had commanded him to do. After Amon populated the earth with tunes. The God man tested Amon. The God man created different beings to rock the planet. These beings created soul and sprite music that would add strange vibes in the midst of earth. Amon became challenged. The earth was not just grooving to his tunes but to the tunes of others. The five beings soon left Amon to go groove with the new DJs. While Amon was alone, the God man came to him in a dream. "DJ Conservative, I have a new sound for you. This sound will not only mix divine tunes but it will make you a redeemer amongst the five beings," the God man assured him as he handed him the tune master, "the tune master will give you all of the sounds that you need to keep the party in motion. This sound will be a mixture of your divine lyrics."
DJ Conservative could feel the power.
"Aaaaah yeah!" he shouted.
 When the mother ship landed he was placed in the center of the earth. This is where he was given not one, but four turntables, a microphone, an amp, and some super ultra sound speakers with a dropdown monitor to mix the sounds. DJ Conservative stood above the crowd. When he played his tunes, the five beings came running back to him with their generations. Craving the new sound, they all began to move in ways that they didn't know the body could move. The five beings became thankful for DJ Conservative and they broke bread as he gave them good clean music for the generations.
They came to him is loose attire and confessed that they were thankful for his tunes. When other beings saw this they became filled with good thoughts. The beings created a holiday proclaiming thanks for the sounds that moved the globe. But most of all, when the God man saw this he was pleased and his creation was good. DJ Conservative gave the earth form and it was good to the God man so he danced. When the God man danced not only did the sun shine but the moon as well. "It's all good," declared the God man, "It's all good.

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