Friday, November 6, 2015

The tales of the great Inspector Duck and the Thankful Turkeys

"After some serious investigating I found that the human species is not human at all. I decided to get word to the turkey after witnessing mass genocides. I was left speechless when I saw one human petting a cow then later slaughtering him in broad daylight. My research on these creatures goes all the way back to their creation. They have grown to dominate the planet. They do very strange things with their time. I just can't figure it out. Well Pete, I'm going to fly out of here; we will meet again tomorrow. We have to figure out how to save the turkey and all of the other creatures from this savage beast," Inspector Duck explained to Pete and his colleagues.
As he flew above the land he could not understand it.
 "I have to get to the turkey," he said to himself flying as fast as he could.
When Inspector Duck got to the farm it was too late. The turkey was on the dinner table and the humans were feasting and having a good time. He peeked through the window with tears in his eyes. "The devil," he said to himself flying away.
Looking from above he saw selling, trading, and big ships with mass imports. The humans had taken over.
"This is not right. Are we here to cater to them? Are we not birds of the sky? Do we have a purpose on the earth," Inspector Duck says in frustration to his colleagues.
"It will be okay inspector. As crows we have found a weakness in the humans," Dr. Crow explains catching Inspector Duck's full attention.
"A weakness?"
"Yes they have emotions. The ones who care don't care and the ones who don't care they kill or lock them up. We cannot have emotions when dealing with a beast like this. You see inspector, we are objects to them. We don't matter. They just need us to stay alive. It's a game to them and we are aliens. If we want to survive we have to treat them like they treat the turkey," Dr. Crow explained.
"This is war my friends; this is war. We will attack at dawn," Inspector Duck replies.
At dawn the birds set out. It was a massacre. The birds had attacked so many humans that the only words to describe it were: insanity, mayhem, but most of all, terror.
"This is payback for years of slaughter," one of the birds tweeted in rage.
The birds had lost it.
The humans would not go down without a fight but the birds had nothing to lose. The humans could not out fly them because every plane that they created came from studying the birds. At the end of the battle the ducks stood upon the rocks of the swamps with the last human.
"Tell me what you feel human? Tell me what it feels like being our thanksgiving dinner?" Inspector Duck says kicking the human in the swamp.
"Do we not feel the power?... 'Birds of the air!'... Do we not feel the victory?" Inspector Duck shouts in victory, while the crows pecked away at the last human.
"Wait my friends. Wait one minute. We shall let the turkey have the last bite," Inspector Duck says clearing the way for the turkey.
As the turkey pecked away at the beast, the birds could feel freedom.
"Are we thankful? Are we now at the top of the food chain? We are the flying redeemers," Inspector Duck quacks in triumph.
The turkeys couldn't believe the new road ahead.
"I am so thankful...I am so very thankful," the turkey says crying in tears of joys.
"This is our world now birds. They showed us no mercy and we showed them none. We are the new future and I am the Great Inspector Duck!" 
"All hail the Great Inspector Duck!" all of the birds tweeted in victory.     

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