Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chester the Honey Bear and Rock Forest's first Thanksgiving

Chester watched as the humans put his cubs to sleep with a tranquilizer.
He became very upset; that's when Howard and Edward came to cheer him up.
"It will be okay Chester," Howard says patting his friend on the back.
"Yeah, you'll be fine, besides I know where they're camping out at. I saw their trucks right by the old honey tree," Edward explains getting comfortable on a patch of grass.
Chester gets up with a fierce look on his face, "I will punish them, take all of their honey and get my cubs back.
Chester then runs off through the forest to go find his cubs. His friends decided to stay behind.
While the humans were camping out, socializing and clowning around, Chester came bursting into their camp. They jumped to their feet panicking and screaming trying to get to their trucks. He then picked one of the humans up and choke slammed him on the grill. Chester roars in rage then picks up a roasting turkey and throws it at one of the humans holding the tranquilizer gun. The hot steamy turkey smashes the human in the face. The humans then flee to their trucks. Chester grabs his cubs and goes to rest by the honey tree. Before he leaves he also takes some of the sweets that the humans left behind. Sitting on a log he stuffs his face with honey. When his cubs awoke from their coma, they saw their father eating.
"Dad, what happened?"
"I punished the humans. This angry honey bear gave them every angry bone in his massive body. They won't be coming back here any time soon. I let them know I meant business. Here; have some honey."
 While they sat there eating together, all of the animals came from out of the forest and began to feast. Carl the squirrel loved the way humans roasted their peanuts, so he sat by the fire and ate.
"You're the man Chester. I'm thankful for you my man," Carl says stuffing his face.
Chester smacks the squirrel on the head, "I'm a bear, not a man."
Carl chokes on a peanut, "Your the bear, Chester. I'm thankful for you my bear. I've been wanting some of these peanuts for years. Humans are crazy but they sure can cook."
Well after all of the madness, it turned out to be a big day for the animals. They were all thankful that Chester punished the humans. They had turkey and Henry the hedgehog gave Chester a Medal of Honor for his bravery.
 "I proclaim this day a moment in history for us. Because of Chester's bravery, he saved his cubs and we will have no fear against the humans ever again. Chester, I give you on our first thanksgiving a Medal of Honor," Henry the hedgehog proclaims as all of the animals cheered. The humans had so much to eat from camping that the animals were stuffed. It was just like Pilgrims and Indians coming together, but this time victory belonged to the animals.    

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