Monday, November 2, 2015

The Thankful Truth

You may want to sing a song but will they allow you to be heard?
You may want a girlfriend or boyfriend but does it exist?
You may want to be on TV but the price is too much.
Even if you owned the world the truth just isn't enough.
A million dollars sounds fair but the season of giving is very rare.
Property on every street sounds so sweet.
A veteran looking for the norms but what will it really take.
Some say the truth makes real things look fake.
A lost soul on the corner unworthy is he.
Even the Lord himself is a part of me.
Never understanding what reality is.
Stereotypes come in all forms, even kids.
Stoned in broad daylight for speaking my mind.
Watching people everywhere live off of their lies.
Looking in the faces as I'm crucified.
Waiting for a soul to let me down.
After I'm dead will my bones be found.
I guess the reality is that I'm thankful for the thankful truth.
I will tell my story even to the youth.
If it hurts me to say what I really feel, I'm just thankful they gave me a chance to be real.

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