Thursday, November 19, 2015

3 Tips on what can cause your DSLR to malfunction:

Although the DSLR camera has revolutionized the film industry and film making in general, there's some things that can cause the camera to malfunction. Here are a few tips and solutions to what can cause the DSLR to work improperly:
  1. DSLRs require special SD cards that can accommodate storage capacity, depending on the brand or type of DSLR you have. If you're getting a message on the monitor that stops recording or won't record at all, you may have the wrong memory card or the memory card is not formatted properly. It's important that you follow proper procedures when transferring data from memory card to hard drives. The instruction manual is the best resource to have when dealing with proper handling of data transfers and storage issues.   
  2. If you're recording outside and the screen is all white, this occurs frequently when the sun is shining. The solution to this problem is a camera tint (filter). You may have to purchase a lens that allows you to attach a tent or (filter) to the camera. If the image is too dark, you may have to adjust the ISO settings.
  3. One last tip to keep you problem free with your DSLR is to be aware of heat. Heat can cause camera's to overheat. When this happens the camera can malfunction. It is important to keep the camera cool or carry accessories that can keep the camera cool. The trick is to mount the camera on a tripod and try to keep the sun from beaming down on the camera. Anything that can cover the camera and keep it cool can work. Certain custom technics are only required if you can accomplish them without damaging the camera.  
One bonus tip is: It's always wise to join online discussion forums when you purchase a DSLR or any product. These forums provide unlimited solutions and ways to overcome situations that may occur with the purchase of your new camera or ideal venture.

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