Friday, March 25, 2016

The Burdens, the Woes, and the Resurrection; the Greatest Stories Untold:

A voice whispers: "Everything will be okay."
You're born into the world. You get to meet your parents. Your real father sells drugs. You're raised by your mom but another man takes on the job of your real father. You keep wondering why all of the girls in your neighborhood are having sex but getting rid of their babies. You later find out that they were put in this position because of a deranged woman who wanted to wipeout people in the ghetto. Almost everyone in your family is strung out. Someone whispers in your ear who the real Hebrews were. There's fights constantly breaking out. Your friend punches you in the face and kicks you while you're on the ground while another friend watches. The pastor at church keeps reminding you that someone is going to come and save everyone. You then find out that he is sleeping with other members of the church. Another reverend nearly forces you to marry someone who is sleeping over your house because she hates her life. Every woman you meet is afraid to love. Your second girlfriend's mother disowns her because the church taught her to stay away from demons. You marry another girl and she gets pregnant by some unknown man and tries to put the burden on her husband. The church thinks you're a loser. You constantly are bombarded with everyone's truth but your own. Everyone wants a million dollars but no one wants to put in the work. Then when they get a million dollars everyone is their friend. Tons of borrowers but noone pays back. You're in a room all alone. You watch the news and you find out the country is falling apart and all of the people who you grew up with either don't care or are afraid to face the facts. Your entire community has to sell food stamps just to eat. Most of the people running for office say they care but noone trust them. You enlist and see all of your brothers returning less than normal. You keep hearing this voice telling you everthing is going to be okay. The psychologist keeps asking you, "Are you hearing voices?" Rumors float around that you've lost it while on the battle field for the spreaders freedom. Most of your pleasure is pain. People say that they're proud of you but you later see a knife in their back pocket. You find out the truth about the faith that you've served your whole life is a fraud from a complete stranger. Your favorite night out is on the internet. All of your ancestors are still trying to be free. You're afraid to trust. You open up a business and no one wants to pay but they proudly go give their money to people who could care less. You keep imagining this picture in your head of you stabbing a terrorist as the both of you blow up and you scream to your brothers, "See you on the other side." Your first girlfriend gets upset because you have to dump her because she has no clue of the jungle you're in. You have a near death experience but you see no one from the bible present and there's no fire at all, just complete peace. The white light pushes you back and the only reason why you're resurrected is because you don't want to see your mom die trying to get to her son...
This piece is for all of those battling with stories untold. God Bless and I pray that in this piece you will find relief once you let out your own stories to the world.

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