Monday, March 7, 2016

Peta the Lucky Elephant

Out of all of the elephants, Peta was the strongest but for some reason Peta kept being picked on by the humans.
"Hey Peta, look at how big you are compared to those little bitty stupid humans. You should crush them and kick them," Gina told her laughing.
"You're right Gina, I'm so tired of them coming into our camp like they rule the world. I'm going to punish them!" Peta replied with a grin.
After about an hour of being cracked with a whip, Peta lost it. She trampled and smashed every human in sight. They were screaming and yelling for help, while she kept kicking away. After the stampede Peta went to go take a break from all of the punishing that she had unleashed. Her friend Gina was so proud that she finally stood up for herself.
"Wow Peta you did it. Now they'll never mess with you again. Don't you feel better? Your luck is really going to change now," Gina explained as she and Peta walked off into the sunset.
"I punished them Gina, I really punished them," Peta said with a confident smile.

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