Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Prince of Peace

In my younger years everything seemed like it revolved around me.
My money was mine and no one else's.
If a girl would smile at me, it had to be only me.
Just like any other man I was afraid of war but I had to fight.
I battled with envy, jealous vibes, prejudice moods, and unnatural emotions.
Like the apostle I often looked up to the sky to hear a voice.
Eighty thousand pounds of dead relatives behind my legacy.
Hundreds of people passing by not knowing what I'm really feeling inside.
There's a reason why I have to stay busy.
There's a reason why I'm afraid of sin and doing evil.
The ripples of time cannot correct what is left after things become unsettled.
Once the first shot is fired, it will take years to repair.
Forgiveness hurts because the thoughts are still there.
The pain slowly eats at my heart but the children keep my thoughts pure.
I pray that they don't have to battle with such memories.
I pray that they too will look up to hear the voice of a savior.
I'm humbled by the things I've saw.
I must work to heal the pain.
If a man kills another man, will he fail to reason with justice?
If a man takes another man's belongings will that not cause strife?
Is he the law?
As I sit pondering in my thoughts...I realize that I too must die someday.
I too will faceoff with the truth.
I shiver but must remain brave...
Time ticks away and I get older by the day.
There's nothing I can do about the past but cherish the days that I have left.
I honor peace and I pray that man will cherish it for all it's days.
The air that flows through my lungs on a sunny day.
The sounds of the birds singing in the trees.
Because I chose a peaceful past I too am like a savior.
Dying for the innocent, watching all of the lives I've saved by choosing not to strike.
I walked away and took the pain.
I was punched, kicked, and embarrassed.
Left for dead with no sympathy from my own kind.
I am rewarded with a time to heal and remember those days.
I won't look back.
I walked away and took the pain.
For that, I too am a Prince of Peace.

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