Friday, March 4, 2016

Lucky Carson

Carson was the richest man in town until his wife divorced him and took all of his money. He went through depression for a while then he was finally healed once he started rolling dice. Carson saw a purpose when rolling dice. He saw a mountain of opportunity because he began to study his opponents. Every night he would beat every man in town by taking advantage of their greed. Carson's strategy was to make the pot as big as he could and rip at his opponent's instinct to want more. No one could stop Carson. The crazy thing is, is that it had nothing to do with the money, he just enjoyed winning. One night after beating the whole block, Carson went to rest on the porch and saw his ex-wife across the street. It turned out that once they got divorced she started using drugs. The rumor going on around the neighborhood was that the house across the street was a drug house. Sitting on the porch juggling his dice around in his hand, Carson couldn't believe what he had been witnessing. He had been left with almost nothing and she was blowing all of his money on drugs. Carson decided that he was going to take action after a few months of watching this go on. It's amazing what a man sees sitting on the front porch but Carson was tired of the same crazy conflicts every night and no justice. Witnessing a crazy drug infested party, Carson took a golf club, threw his dice up in the air and swung. His small dice flew straight into the electrical transformer attached to the street pole. He knocked out the power on the whole block. After a moment of silence, everyone came running out of the drug house, some women didn't even have any clothes on. It was a complete blackout and the only thing that they had to see was the light from their cellphones. Once Carson saw the commotion, he quickly dashed back onto the porch and took a seat keeping an eye on the madness. Everyone soon cleared out, Carson then fell to sleep in his chair and was awakened by gun shots. He woke up to flashing police lights and a major shootout. Afraid for his life, Carson fell to the ground for cover. His life flashed before his eyes. This would've never happened if I hadn't knocked out the power, he thought to himself. Once it was all over, the neighborhood was back to normal.
The landlord soon got the place cleaned up and some woman moved in with her two girls. Carson got to know the woman and they became good friends. She and Carson had soon fell in love. After about a year of courting her, she became Carson's second wife. Carson vowed to never make the same mistake with the first wife so whenever he would reach a certain amount in savings he would bury it under the dog house. The relationship stayed pretty stable until his second wife found the money. When she found it she assumed Carson was insane and they began to argue. While they were arguing Carson felt his heart getting heavy and he passed out.
Once he woke up in the hospital, his wife was there rubbing his head. After Carson was released from the hospital, he received a bill in the mail with a zero balance. It turns out that his wife had paid the bill with the money he stashed under the dog house.
Was it luck that Carson had saved the money or was it just fate?

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