Friday, September 11, 2015

The Tower Family and their Broken Instruments

Mrs. Tower was a good mom, she had her twins 9/11/2001. The twins were happy kids. Her husband was a good man. The Tower family was known for collecting broken instruments. After twelve years of doing this they figured they would start a band to make some extra money. They started to play outside of buildings and people loved them. Mr. Tower was a genius, he knew how to make even the worn instruments useful for something. After fourteen years of doing this the Tower family started to get tired. They just didn't feel like it would workout. They couldn't make enough money to keep it up. Mr. Tower decided that he would start fixing the instruments and maybe sell them. The twins had grown up now and they saw the discouraging look on their father's face. He enjoyed playing. It didn't matter if one person showed up they knew he was only happy when he was playing music. The twins had an idea that would get their father back to doing what he loved. They went out and collected every broken instrument they could and placed them in the back yard. They did this for 11 years. After the 11th year the broken instruments had reached the clouds, they were stacked so high. Soon after people started gathering around their house and Mr. Tower would play for them and people would give him a lot of money just to get a piece of the record that they had received for the tallest broken instrument tower. The Tower family played and played as people from all over the world started sending them their broken instruments. The tower soon grew almost into space exceeding the clouds. Mr. Tower and his family kept going until one day a kid showed up. The kid kept watching Mr. Tower and his family. He came over and hugged him. The Tower family had never seen him in the crowd before. He told Mr. Tower that he looked up to him and wish he could play an instrument. This touched the Tower family. They then went to the back yard to grab him an instrument.
 "I think we should get him some drums," Mrs. Tower says.
"I have a feeling if we take something from the stack, the instruments will surely fall. What should we do?" Mr. Tower explained.
While the twins watched from the window, they came up with an idea.
"Father, why don't you start from the top and donate the instruments to children or people who want to play but can't afford it."
Mr. and Mrs. Tower looked discouraged, "But we're this close to reaching outer space with our tower. If we start giving the instruments away than what's the purpose of all this work." Mr. Tower says.
The twins give each other a look of certainty, "Just think of all of the jobs you can create fixing all of those instruments. Wouldn't that be great," one of the twins explained.
A bell went off in Mr. and Mrs. Tower's head.
The Tower family flew a plane to the top and got to work.
Three years later after starting their business they soon built two twin towers that reached the heavens all because of one little drummer boy who wanted to play an instrument. Every 9/11 they go to the top floor while he stands on the bottom to look up and play his drums of joy.
The End.

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