Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Happy Ending

Why are you crying my child?
Is it because of what you see?
Are you afraid to love?
Who hurt you?
Do you think that I as your father would make pain so hard that you will feel it for all eternity?
I know your heart.
I made you.
Do you not see I made all of this for you.
That is why death is an illusion my child.
Those in this life watch you pass on into eternity.
I am with you.
Do your loved ones not yearn for your presence when you pass like they do my spirit?
The colorful flowers you see blooming.
The fresh air you breath.
The trees that you see.
All this is for you my child.
Do not be afraid to come to me with your desires.
All I ask is that through all you do you search for a happy ending.
And when all is said and done in this life I will give you a new beginning.
Look, I give you a new sun that will rise each day.
It will be my promise that I will always shine on you.
It is everlasting.
Then when the moon comes at night and you fall to sleep.
That is your token of a happy ending.
For a new day begins as you start your journey always in search for my eternal love and compassion.
As time passes and all that was lost is found.
All I ask is that you believe in...
A Happy Ending.

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