Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lost and Found

I go to a small corner and it's silent.
All I can hear is the air and nothing more.
I've done something wrong I know.
What will happen to me?
What will be my punishment?
I want to be innocent.
I want to be free from this guilt.
There has to be a reason why I keep falling in the same pit.
As I sit in the corner drowning over my sorrow my cross falls from my necklace.
It falls and hits the floor.
I'm alone and I have just witnessed a small unexplainable event.
This must be my answer.
I pick it up off of the floor and realize what I have done.
I am lost with human emotion.
I am found when I get up and try again.
This happened for a reason.
Now I will go tell the world about what I am now and who I was before.
But most of all I will tell them about the lost and found.

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