Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Animals Vs. the Humans

"They killed my whole family and shot at me when I tried to save them. I can't go on living like this," the lion explains to a pack of animals.
A raccoon emerges from the pack of animals, "We have to organize. We have to come up with a  plan, then we strike."
The lion stands on top of a fallen tree to address the animals of the forest,
 "We must all come together in this matter. We will wage war on the humans. I am certain that we will see victory in this battle. We must use everything we have. Every god given ability and we will fight to the end. Animals of the earth I proclaim that we have nothing to lose and we have the world to gain."
All of the animals start cheering then a loud explosion fills the ears of the animals.
"Run to the mountains everyone. Hurry we have to save ourselves. The dreaded humans have dropped the bombs," shouts the lion.
After filling the mountains the eagle flies in with some amazing news.
"Friends of the forest it seems the humans have blown themselves up. We are back in business," proclaims the eagle.
Cheers fill the air.
Another raccoon emerges from the pack,
 "So who is at the top of the food chain now?"
All the animals look at each other and scatter like rats.
The raccoon takes a seat on a log all by himself,
"We could just be vegetarians," he says to himself as a buckeye falls from the tree and hits him on the head.
The animals didn't  even have to put up a fight for the humans had did the work for them.
The end.

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