Sunday, April 1, 2018

Purple Schizophrenia

A dentist studies oral specimens like a surgeon studies organs.
A preacher will talk about things from the heavens, while the nature of a prostitute can hold a man from reaching the temple of his brain.
Psychologically, rhythmically, and harmoniously, a writer must search for words to relay his or her message.
Some words have meaning and some don't, but a person is forced to wear purple when misunderstood.
Laying in her hospital bed, in her mind, she sees mass amounts of followers tugging at his robe. Words from choirs singing in her head.
Wool hair with the rays of the sun resounding from the temple of his head, like the hair of a lion. The knowledge of a psychologist cannot explain that which is not of this world, that which she is holding on to, that which is telling her of another world. The voices won't go away. 
The mysteries of dying lost souls, searching for a savior.
Isis, Osiris, Horus, and Set.
Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and Lucifer.
Amon, Amun, and Amen.
She, who hears from the Gods.
A breakdown in the relationship between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perceptions.
Withdrawal from reality with inappropriate actions and feelings.
Fantasies of heaven and delusions of heaven and earth coming together as one.
The dumb, the blind, and those held as slaves, all leaving the presence of this world to follow him.
The voice in her head telling her that he is God.
Jumping up from her bed, she notices Mary Magdalene standing in the corner of her room, telling her about a man who would listen to her.
Born king of angels, speaking of things other than this world.
A universe in his own mind, clothing made of fine cloth, a shepherd for the sheep.
The alpha and omega, a feature with feathers of sparrows surrounding him while healing souls.
Monotheism, a threat to the rulers of earth so that every knee shall bow and worship him.
An ankh, reshaped in the image of a man being tormented and crucified on a cross.
Could this be the answer for everyone's woes.
Rising for the sins of mankind, only to bare the burden of such a cunning and sinful creature.
Pages from old scrolls with magazine pictures of old Pharaohs with their noses missing.
"If you choose to pay close attention, you may find the keys to Zion in the old artifacts, look closely they're laced with gold," another voice whispers in her ear. 
Lying back down, the smoked mirrors separate her from the other psych patients, blinded by truths, truths hidden in plain sight, in the shapes of triangles and pyramids in the forms of wires through the looking glass?
While her mind is dissected and fed medicine to heal her lost soul, the sun stands still in the sky as the medicine puts her to sleep, only to rise again in the morning.
In a field of scholars, two wise men become distracted by a married woman with children visiting her wearing a purple dress.
In repentance, they contain their thoughts. 
Blinded by the light, glaring from the sun, they notice a few disciples in the distance pointing to a swinging pendulum on the clock. Visiting hours are over.
She speaks of flying six point stars and children in the slums of Israel, running from fragments falling from the sky.
"Don't leave me here alone, please don't go," She screams, while crying, as her visitors exit the ward. 
Unnerved by lack of attention to the matter, she watches as her sovereign family fades beyond the horizon of her padded room and on their voyage through psychological academia they grow to understand that a poor woman's makeup is the dirt on the ground. Although delusional, she tries to follow, and at the end of her journey she finds no one at the cross and a tomb with no one in it.
Awe struck, and a prisoner in her own mind, she steals a purple cloth from the psych ward then jumps into a crowd of people labeled with the sickness called: Schizophrenia. A man in white scrubs chases her into the crowd, wrestlers her to the ground, only to baptize her in a sink of medicine. She later awakes, reborn, with a fresh start in a padded room. When she is set free, she spreads her message while holding on to the purple cloth. It appears as though she has found a savior. It appears as though she has been born again. It appears as though she has been healed.
All the while, everyone else thinks she's crazy, but in reality she just sees things differently.     
She's a believer.   

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