Wednesday, April 18, 2018

She Passed out on Stage

"I love you Sasha," Johnny said.
"You don't love me,  you love Katy," Sasha responded, slamming the door in Johnny's face.
It was her big event tonight, a big show, with fans from all over the world coming in to see her sing. In all of the talk about her selling her soul to the devil and all of the other mess that came with the entertainment business, she still couldn't wait to get on stage and sing her song about bringing people together and talking about her view of the universe. After a life threatening phone call, it was clear that Johnny wasn't going to go away. He even paid to have some nasty pictures of Sasha put out to the public and with less fans that was less money for Sasha. Feeling the heat from her father, she decided to dress modest for her big event, even though she knew it was going to be hot on stage. She even stopped drinking. It was clear to the world that Sasha was turning into a more mature artist and the fans were soaking it in. The feeling was mutual, but the hatred that came with fame had got the best of her and in the middle of her new song, she passed out, and a stagehand had to drag her off of the stage, in front of millions of fans. It was clear that whatever demons that Sasha had been dealing with, they had caught up to her. The strange thing about Sasha's story, is that she was always afraid to fly until she got on stage. Johnny, and all of the hatred towards the attention that she had been getting, had put her in a coma. They got the best of her. In her coma, she was like sleeping beauty waiting for a kiss to wake her up. Fan after fan had written her letter after letter, hoping to hear some good news. They prayed and prayed for Sasha to get up out of her hospital bed. The video of her passing out, had somehow seemed like the last image that the world would see of Sasha. Thirty years after that event, she awoke to a tune that a nurse had been playing. She woke up singing. Doctors, and the last of her relatives, rushed to her aid. The news hit the front page. In the thirty year span, all of the talk about her being possessed and being a lunatic had faded away. Single, cripple, and in a wheelchair, it seemed that she had lost everything, but the good lord spared her voice. At fifty years old, she got on stage in her wheelchair and finished the tour that had crippled her. If she was possessed and had somehow sold her soul to the devil in the past, God had saved her from the wrath of a nation that she represented. Sasha was an American artist, American born, and American made. Through it all, her story lived on, and, til-this-day, people still sing the last song she made about her personal relationship with the angel who woke her up singing. Sasha's story saved the music industry, she brought life back to a dying art. On her death bed, she opened the hearts of haters. Sasha's voice had the power to cast out demons. On stage, she wasn't afraid to fly, and when she died, the sun came out in the midst of the clouds. Sasha spread her wings and flew away.  

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