Sunday, February 18, 2018

Why losing is good

In life, there is one fact: Everyone will eventually lose. When you win, you feel good. You attract mass amounts of followers who love winners and enjoy the hype of winning. When you lose, you work even harder to win. Losing is the understanding that life will eventually end. Losing teaches you the reality of life, it's encouraging. My friend, there is nothing wrong with losing. Losing shows you that friends who encourage you and make you feel like a winner even when you lose, are good friends. These friends are always around to teach and work with you to become a winner. Losing shows you that those who do not practice your profession and criticize you for losing, actually do not have an accurate understanding of your field of study. Losing is good, because it teaches you how to become a winner and how to win even when you lose. The ultimate reason why losing is good, is because it makes you try harder. Losing also creates miracles that are often called luck because everyone always expects you to lose. These miracles give others the ability to believe in something greater. That is why losing is good. If you're a loser, be good at it. Talk to people about how it feels to lose, scream at the camera, shout at your teammates, get angry at yourself and I guarantee that you'll soon become a winner. Good luck in March.😉

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