Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ash Thursday

I gave it all away when I heard a small voice saying, "Follow me."
In the middle of a massacre, I couldn't help but notice angels carrying innocent victims up to the heavens.
Was I seeing things?
While noticing a blind man jump in front of a virgin girl to save her life, it hit me.
I took everything I owned and began to follow.
When the bullet hit me, I noticed the light.
There was screaming everywhere but there was no need to fight.
I left all I had and I took his hand.
There was nothing on earth that I could take with me.
I surrendered, when I did, I was told to go back and save as many souls as I could.
I was told to be a witness to the joy and peace on the other side.
There was no need to cry.
For infinite wisdom had created an understanding of two worlds.
I entered one and then the other.
On my journey, there was no need to look back.  
I left everything, and with nothing left I realized that my life was worth much more, for my soul was welcomed into the light.
Is ink burnt wood and water?
Is ash also burnt wood?
In that thought, my soul began to float like ashes in the wind.
With less, I had less weight.
My soul was set free.
No longer a slave to the world, there was something attractive about the other side.
Less rules, freedom to fly like eagles.
When I began to fly, I saved the date, signed my name in the book and called it: "Ash Thursday."
For they called me by my real name.
I'm home.

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