Tuesday, February 20, 2018


What's the point of trying, it's already been done?
Nobody cares anyway, there will be more people that hate you than love you once it's done anyway.
Sit down.
Take a break.
Why pay the bill when the owner is getting the service for free?
Why get married, in a few years she'll be with someone else anyway?
There's a tax on that land, why buy it?
Food stamp card, Hah! Rich people are wasting food.
Give me medicine because you make me sick.
Call me stupid because you wrote the book.
I eat sleep and breathe just like you.
Call me colored, call me white, what the hell;
I'm trying to find a reason to be here just like you.
What's the point of winning when you'll lose next year?
What's the point of hitting the lottery when all I'm going to do is get taxed and spend it all.
As soon as I'm caught up on everything there will be more bills.
Why's that dummy on top of that building, doesn't he know if he hits the ground he's going to be dead?
What's the point of killing yourself over someone you love when the world is filled with more lovers?
Leave the job, move in with mom, she needs the company.
The world is yours.
Why read, why exercise, what's the point?
I look at the doctor and he sticks a needle in me, he makes me sick.
Why try, when all they're going to do is pick on you?
Don't take my advice, do what you want, it's your life.

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