Thursday, December 1, 2016

Keep going

What's the purpose of all this?
Today was an odd day, I learned that even if I lose fifteen dollars someone else gains fifteen more.
A team with no wins celebrates when they win one game.
Is that the championship?
Why is she upset with me, she owes me money. I gave it to her and she was happy, but when she had to pay it back she was upset.
I wonder what would've happened if I would've said no.
How do I know the sun is out if I'm asleep...well that's an interesting thought.
Two of my best friends turned out to be criminals, they're in jail now, I won't be seeing them anytime soon.
One friend shot a man and the other robbed a liquor store.
I spoke with a man who pastored a church for twenty years and he got caught cheating on his wife, he's still preaching and the members are still saying amen.
I went to visit the same church and my shoes were untied and they told me to tie them. Should I listen?
Two girls tried to influence me to vote but if there's only two people in my house, is it right that only one of us makes the laws?
What's the purpose of all this?
I figured I would try something odd today just to see if I get caught but nobody ever comes to visit me but the mailman. If he walks in and sees what I'm doing, I wonder if he will keep it to himself. Nah, he's going to go make fun of me with another carrier.
Once I learn one thing I find out that I don't know enough.
I played basketball and the ball just wouldn't go in the round hole, but I did make one layup.
For some reason they only cheered when the ball went in the hole. I guess I have to keep trying, I played good defense though.
The man has been divorced five times and he just got married again. She said she loves him at the alter because he never gives up, then he kissed his sixth wife. Good luck.
I slipped on the diving board. I'm so clumsy.
I wonder if the girl at the candy store likes me, because she sure is sweet.
I winked at her and she showed me her ring, more fish in the sea.
What's the purpose of all of this?
I wonder why my name is not in any holy books, if only I were the author.
One man learns then the dust fills his grave.
What was the point of him learning?
She goes to school but then drops out.
How will she pay the bill?
She wore white at her wedding because she was a virgin and then got a divorce.
This makes no sense.
They pay more to see the film when it comes out then it's worth a dollar ten years later.
I heard one girl say she would never date a military man because of how crazy the life is, but she has a baby by someone who left her. Would she have been better-off dating the military man?
I'm walking over bodies.
I'm dodging bullets.
He's a professional dancer that refuses to dance with he really a dancer?
I wonder why he won't dance with amateurs.
She spends her whole life talking about leaving the town she grew up in, then moves somewhere else and decides to come back home.
I woke up this morning in the psych ward.
I'm still on earth and someone just told me the world was about to end.
They lied to me.
I guess I have no choice but to keep going.

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