Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Cherubim and the Great Spirit

It was written in the great books and it was done, while the seals of man started to unfold, the people on earth began to call to the heavens for answers.
Martha and the small child Anna were all alone in a golden temple as war broke out on earth. They sat in a small room and questioned the fate of mankind, there was no mercy, for the people had forgotten about the great spirit.
"Anna get some rest you've been up all night. Children need sleep." Martha said, tending to Anna's needs.
"Mrs. Martha, why do men destroy everything that God creates?" Anna asked as Martha tucked her in.
"I don't know Anna, I wish I had all of the answers," Martha began to shake her head as she heard more gunshots outside, "I want you to rest now Anna, maybe God will answer your question in your dreams, if you believe in your heart that he exist."
It was evident that at this moment in time, Anna and Martha, were used to the sounds of war because Anna went right to sleep. Laying there asleep the cherubim felt her heart beating and supreme wisdom filled her thoughts. Anna arose the next morning full of joy. Sitting in her peaceful cubical, Martha began playing the harp, she then heard Anna singing to the sounds of the music. How angelic the sound was. Martha began to ring the bells of the golden temple, for the great spirit had returned. As the men of war heard the bells they all dropped their weapons.
"The Great Spirit has returned. Peace be with you brothers," all of the men said returning to their homes.
"Peace be with you."
Martha then rushed to grab her trumpet. She blew with all of her might as Anna looked to the sky. The great spirit began to move through the body of every creation and peace was restored in the hearts of man. This was the moment for a new kingdom on earth.
In all of spiritual glory and great revival, the cherubim sat above the temple, the great spirit moved every creature towards a jubilee. For it was written and the spirit of man had been restored. Singing and dancing soon followed as the people rejoiced, for the God of heavens army had defeated the great beast of the underworld and shown mercy to the people of earth.
All it took was one child with a heart of gold to believe in something greater than what was on earth.
For the kingdom of heaven had answered the cries of the people and the great spirit saved mankind from the beast of the underworld.  

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