Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Levels of Joy

At this moment in time I thought by now that I would've found my marbles. I finally admit that it's impossible for me to achieve perfection because everyone sees things differently. There were days when I felt at the top of life and thought that I had been in control but the wheel hub fell off. I soon realized that I wasn't, why did the hub fall off? What did I do wrong? A friend called today. I don't know why. The principal of growing old is the only thing that is fair in life...I think that's right. It may just be my opinion...hum. That may be a fair statement, at least to me, I guess. I believe in something greater than this life, some people don't. That belief keeps me motivated to be a better person. An iron building sits high in the small city where I live. Each floor in the building has levels. The construction crew worked until each level was complete. I wonder if they got paid before or after the work was done. They left the comfort of their homes to build and some died in the process but the building process is seen, even from far away. I bet this is how joy works. You have to build levels of happiness in your life and keep building until the work is done. I figured it out. Wait...what about the sad days? Hum...I can see the building though, once it's done, in the day, people will look up and see the shining sun; in the night, people will look up and see the glowing moon. I wonder what the top level looks like. Can I prove the earth is round if I go to the top floor? Is it possible that my marbles are up there? I hope they let me in the building so I can check the top floor. If they don't let me in I'll keep trying until I reach the top level.

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