Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Talk Show

"Fred, I've been your producer for almost twelve years and I've never heard such filth," Greg said, making sure he got his point across.
"I want a show that's interesting. I want to talk about things that make people's minds tick," Fred replied.
Greg's face turned ugly.
"You asked a nun what her cup size used to be before she became a nun. You're fired Fred. Get the hell out of my studio."
Fred fixed his tie and began to mumble as he walked away.
"You're only saying that because you're Catholic."
Walking away Greg heard what he said and turned around.
"You know you need to watch what you say around me. I pay the bills around here. Everything you say affects me and my company's name. That has nothing to do with the question you asked that nun. Face it Fred your career in show biz is done."
As Greg began to walk away Fred hurried to catch him.
"I asked her that question because you need me Greg," Fred said with a straight face.
"What the hell are you talking about. You're out of your mind," Greg replied.
"You've been having an affair with the new camera girl. You've also been sleeping with the new host of you're new radio talk show. You want to fire me because I interviewed a nun who helped raise me and my brother. I did that for you Greg. If you review the footage you would listen to the question. I specifically asked her her cup size because most women have stopped breast feeding. It was a joke. If you want to expand the conversation after you fire me, then you better be ready for the hell you're about to face from the people in your faith. I may not be Catholic, Greg, but I know the rules. You've been enjoying your privileges of power while you're wife has been at home raising your kids," Fred explained, realizing that he had gotten Greg's full attention.
"Look Fred, you're right. They're going to crucify me. I'm a sinner and I hate my life. No body talks to me like they used to. You know when I got in this business it was fun. We all just talked about life and we were having fun. I know you remember those days. Now everything is so political. I'm tired Fred. Confessions won't even help me. I still love my wife but I need a fix. Sex has become my fix. It's either that or drugs. I just need someone to talk to. I need a friend," Greg explained with his back against the wall.
Fred fixed his tie again as he homed in on an opportunity.
"Well in this business, my friend, we talk. Now we just have to make it into a story. My advice to you would be to tell your wife what's been going on and see if she sticks around, then we can get the both of you on the air to discuss how America can fix this sad, sad problem of infidelity and fornication. I've been battling a porn problem myself. Do you drink Greg? Being a Baptist, I hear that you Catholics drink a lot of wine."
Fred and Greg began to slowly walk and talk down the hall.
"Well I don't drink, but talk to me about this porn problem you've been having."
Fred fixed his tie again.
"I will if you join my church and get baptized."
After a long conversation the two of them went home to their families and talked about it with their wives, then their wives began to talk about it. Then they began to talk about it on the air. Realizing the problem, everyone began to talk about it and the ones who listened began to talk about it and everything became all good. This pleased the Lord and everyone became all talk and the show went on. Fred and Greg lived happily ever after on the Morning Horizon.

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