Monday, June 20, 2016

The Golden CAV

It was the dreaded day of 06/06/2066 and the beast had been roaming the earth looking for souls. There was one man amongst all of the people possessed that stood strong amongst the flock. This man was Joshua, the son of Jacob. Joshua had heard from the God one night as he awoke in a cold sweat,
"Joshua, son of man, the people have become lazy and fragile, they have forgotten how to worship me; come up to the mountain and witness a miracle," the God said.
Joshua went up to the mountain to speak with the God and witnessed a miracle. Joshua stayed up in the mountain for three months, it was the God's time. When he came down, the people had become even more drunk and lazy. They had been so drunk from fornication and filth that they took all of their precious gold and built a huge computer floppy disk called the CAV. When Joshua came down he fell to his knees, "My Lord, look at what they have done, the people have created a floppy disk to worship," Joshua explained. One of the kids emerged from the crowd,
"You're a hater Joshua. You should be down here with us, celebrating and getting drunk instead of seeking wisdom and knowledge," the kid proclaimed. Another kid emerged from the crowd with his middle finger held high and spit in Joshua's face.
This angered the God and lighting struck the floppy disk and completely annihilated the computer's RAM. Joshua then put his hands up in the air as the people fell to their knees begging the God to save them from their sins. As the huge golden CAV fell from the computer tower, the people scattered like roaches.
"Joshua, save us!" A voice from the crowd shouted.
Joshua watched as the people fled for safety.
He then pulled out a book with 1 and 0's on every page and shouted.
"My people, I give you, the USB Hard Drive! With 800 terabits." Joshua proclaimed.
All of your little golden sinful data and memories will be stored on it, and with one click, the earth will be cleansed, after I delete the data," Joshua stated, coming down the mountain with the hard drive.
He then placed it into the computer and typed in the numbers 08/08/2088.
Once the numbers were programed into the computer, there was a new earth, and the people were cleansed. New knowledge filled the land, and everyone fell to their knees thanking Joshua for sacrificing all of his time to be with the God. Joshua did not regret choosing knowledge over sin and wisdom, especially, after what he had witnessed. Once all of the calamity and restoration had come to an end, Joshua then prayed to the God and thanked him for the miracle. At the end of Joshua's life, he pulled out a vinyl record and listened to the Lord's music created by the Lord's people. Joshua had saved mankind.

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