Friday, June 24, 2016

The Imaginary Dads...

"Oh...That's why the sky is blue in the daytime," Emmett said as his foster parents watched him talk to someone next to him. He did this quite often and no one ever asked why.
"That was a good one..." Emmett responded to no one in the corner.
"I knew it, I knew she would keep her word," Emmett kept repeating.
After about three months of this, Emmett's foster parents returned him back to the orphanage. When he got there, he met a girl named Rhianna. Rhianna was a special little girl. At night she would talk to the stars. Her and Emmett got along great, but they really didn't speak to the other orphans that much. Everyone at the orphanage would get a kick out of watching them both talk to whomever they had been seeing in their imagination. Two nights after summer had ended, Rhianna made a promise to Emmett.
"When we get old enough, I'm going to marry you Emmett... You and I... We're going to do things the right way. We're going to have a real family. If our bond is broken, when I die, I will come back for you, in another life," Rhianna assured Emmett while holding his hands by the window with light from the stars shinning down on them.
Emmett felt his heart grow as he embedded that very moment in his brain. As time went on, Emmett and Rhianna got separated; Emmett grew to see many things in his rough life and he searched and searched for Rhianna but could not find her. To feel loved, is all Emmett ever wanted. In all of his days on earth, he hadn't felt true love until the moment Rhianna had spoken those words to him. Growing older, he had stopped talking to his imaginary friend, until the night he was placed on a psych ward. Sitting there shaking, as millions of images flashed through his mind, the nurse injected him with his meds, but only the image of Rhianna could really keep his blood flowing. Slobber would fall from his mouth as he would always sit by the psych ward door waiting and screaming Rhianna's name. After days passed, Emmett found a chapel inside of the hospital where he would go and speak with his imaginary friend, whom he hadn't talked to in a long time. The next morning, the light from the windows shined in. Having a hard time opening his eyes, Emmett noticed that he and Rhianna were both at the alter. Tears began to fall from his face.
"I had a feeling I would find you here," she said, getting Emmett's full attention.
"I don't understand, how did you find me?" Emmett said embracing her with a heartfelt hug.
"Your father came and got me," Rhianna explained.
"My father?" Emmett replied in shock.
"Yes; look Emmett, look at all of these people at our wedding. It's our day, they're watching us just like they used to at the orphanage. I told you I would come back for you," Rhianna said, as the Pastor told him to kiss the bride.
When the doctors and psych techs came looking for Emmett in the Chapel, he was not there. Rhianna kept her promise and had come back for him, in another life. While the bells rang with the two of them walking to the chariot, she looked up at the bright star and thanked her father, whom had been there waking her up every morning, with all of his angels in the sky giving her something to watch at night. All along, the two of them had imagined something much greater than a dad. They both had imagined a day where everyone would be happy, not sad. Smiling at the alter with cheer, there dads where always there just not here.
The Beginning


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