Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Common Cents

It was a hot day and Kara could not even afford her favorite brand of water. She had to have been sitting in front of that store window staring at that water for at least five minutes. After giving up on the reality that she could not afford it, she went home and got some water out of the sink. She then walked to the car dealership and had her eyes on this beautiful drop-top convertible, realizing she couldn't afford it, she walked back home. Kara was sad and her rent was due. Realizing she had no money to pay it, she went to live in the woods under a tree. Her pet dog ran away because she couldn't afford to feed him, so she made friends with the animals in the forest. Since she couldn't afford her medicine, she just gave-up on trying to get a refill. She couldn't afford to eat, so she ate from the apple tree in the forest. Laying there on a log, half asleep, an angel came to Kara, in the form of a sparrow. The angel touched Kara and it began to rain money. When Kara awoke, there was money everywhere. She couldn't believe it. She came running out of the woods as she noticed everyone was so happy. The happiness could be felt, because everyone was outside moving around. Her homeless friend Dave couldn't believe it.
 "Oh God. Jesus has finally come! Praise the Lord!" he shouted, running out of the woods with her.
It was unreal. The stock market was off the charts as the green cloud went from city-to-city, county-to-county, and place-to-place. Pretty soon, there wasn't anything or any one left in the stores and all of the excitement soon died down. Kara had walked back into the woods and didn't move, she just slept. After all of the mayhem, she walked out of the forest and saw how everything had become worthless. Kara went back into the woods and drank from the well and went back to sleep. Her dreams seemed to excite her more than reality. Flying high in her dreams, her friend Dave woke her up and gave her a flower, fresh from the ground.
"This is for you princess Kara, because of you, we're all equal, because of you, we will use our common cents."

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