Friday, September 20, 2019


It was about midday, don’t ask me how I made it past the cotton candy protestors but I did. Megaphones filled with depressed people wasting their time trying to prove a point. For me to call them stupid I must first look at myself in the mirror. I can’t see from their eyes. “Ouch!” I just bit my tongue. They’re everywhere, searching for love, feelings and emotions, as soon as I escape to my man cave, I realize that I’m surrounded. I turn on the radio and I hear them, people expressing themselves from all walks of life. I open up a book and their voices levitate through my eyes. They’ve even made it on TV, crying, spilling their feelings out to the masses. There’s no escape, I’m surrounded, even when I’m alone I can see them online. Guilty, even me, people talking as though they’ve never done anything wrong, they just didn’t get caught, I guess, but they sure sound innocent. They’re the ones to blame for turning everything upside down, wait I’m guilty too. Or am I? Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who will be the last one standing. Wait I hear someone blasting their music, “Oh god they’re everywhere, liberals and conservatives, Jews and saints.” Drunk history teachers, telling children how great con-artist posing as intellects used to be even now in present day. I then hear a knock on the door, could it be a bill collector? I lock myself in the closet. I could have sworn I just heard a politician tell me that relief was not too far away. I’m a check away from being homeless. Once again I’ve been lied to, long live the lost and forgotten, there’s no escape from reality, we can only run so far until we finally realize that we’re all surrounded. They’re everywhere and they want to be just like their idol. I’m surrounded, no escape, they got me, I walk outside with my hands up, only to drop a smoke bomb from my mouth and escape through the sewer. I survive another day only to realize that my freedom is now even more in danger. I’ve just added more fuel to the fire. No surrender, I’m on the run, I’ve gone rogue and there’s no turning back now. I’m innocent.

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