Friday, June 8, 2018

The Gods of Peasants

For one to rule is still not enough. In this story, the art of war stems from peasants who aspire to be kings and queens. First there was one head, then there were two heads, all chopped-off by the rulers and organizers of the kingdoms of earth. For they called themselves supreme rulers, who believed that they were chosen by the Gods to rule. The peasants aspired to be like them. They died praying to the Gods for a change. If one received a message of salvation, it was Sylvester, he became so bitter that he began to blame the Gods for the state of his people. The tribe of peasants.
"We must fight them. We must come together and fight them. Haven't you read the text. Because of Eve and Lilith we are cursed. This is why we must bring all of the tribes together as men and overthrow the Gods," Sylvester explained to the tribal leaders.
"Do not be foolish Sylvester. Those myths come from the great pyramids of Egypt, it's all made up. Those who believe that they are supreme rulers are delusional, they are the enemies, not the Gods. Channel your anger towards them." Thaddeus replies.
"If they are myths, then where did your ancestors, the great Greeks get their beliefs. One of my greatest warriors hung himself! You cannot tell me that this was not because of the Gods!" Sylvester emphatically says.
"If we decide to fight against the Gods, tell me what we will become of man if we win? Can man live an eternal life? Must we die for the sake that Gods or supreme leaders may rule? Figure it out Sylvester, it's simple math. If you decide to rebel against that which created us, then once the war is over, there will be nothing left. We cannot win." Thaddeus says, gaining the approval of his men and the other tribes.
Hector the Great, from the mighty Latin tribe stands up.
"Thaddeus is right. No man can face his creator, it's impossible, but we can face those in power. They are the real problem." Hector says, holding his ancient sword tight.
In that moment, just by the tone of his voice and his selection of words, he gains the attention of Tut from the African tribe.
"I know one warrior who tried to face the Gods. His name was Tau, he read the book and spent the rest of his life searching for the tree of knowledge. His family was killed by lions, and he blamed the Gods. He swore on his dead sons grave that he would find a way to fight the Gods. On his journey he read so many books that he enlightened his people to build a tower to the heavens. He convinced them that he had eaten from the tree of knowledge and become like the Gods. The tower was so high that the more they built, the more they died trying to reach the heavens. Tau then found a writer name Zane, who explained to him that a peasant will die on his knees trying to defeat that which cannot be seen. At that moment Tau realized that all of his rage was useless. At every chance he ignored his conscience. The Gods were so wise that the more Tau fought, the more he wore himself out. In that story you must learn that as men we must come to understand that some things our out of our control. A computer can only attempt to kill it's creator if programed. The Gods are so wise that they have given us that power. Sylvester, if you chose to fight against the Gods, you too will find that you will lead all of us into a war with the air." Tut explains, then leaves the room with Thaddeus. They both returned home to their families while the others debated. After debating, all of the other tribes sided with Tut and Thaddeus, Sylvester decided to take his tribe up into the mountains to fight the Gods, only to die in search for nothing. Thaddeus was right, he sent his army to fight the wrong forces. He may have won if he had went for the people in power, he probably could have convinced the other tribes to be brave. In all of his ignorance, he chose to fight the Gods, only to learn that the Gods were so wise that they kept man in his place and they stayed in theirs. After Sylvester, the supreme rulers of the mortal men began to show mercy, for they had realized that without courage, intelligence and will power, they could continue to rule. In the end, they made peace, but even in peace, another Sylvester would rise up, only to blame the Gods for his circumstances. He too would channel his aggression in the wrong place, proving to be powerless and ignorant to those who ruled over him.
The End.        

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