Monday, June 18, 2018

Original Sin

Some say beauty can be deceiving. They say it can invade the mind and take us to levels of exploration that often make us lose control of realizing the consequences of our actions. Old stories and fantasies, visions and lustful thoughts that entrap a person to do the unthinkable. So I write a story, a story about a girl with hazel eyes and a man whose eyes fooled him into actions that would cost him everything. Her name was Lauren, and she was the daughter of a carpenter. She often would go with her two sisters over her friend Kara's house. Kara's father had a sickness for girls. His sickness hid behind the walls of a broken home. Every night he would drown himself in the lust that he held inside. He would fantasize about women in the wee hours of the night, not wanting to let go of the images in his mind. When Kara's friends would sleep over, he would entertain them with unusual gestures. He was able to contain himself, until Lauren turned fifteen. Lauren had blossomed into something astoundingly beautiful. One look at her could put any man under a lustful spell. One night, Kara's father, Benjamin Smith Jefferson, came in late, he had just finished up a double shift at the mill. After a few drinks, Mr. Jefferson had a burning desire for love on his trip to the shower. In the heat of that desire, who else could blind a man with a tainted mind other than a half clothed girl also on her way to the bathroom.
"Excuse me, I'm sorry Mr. Jefferson, I didn't know you were in here," Lauren said when opening up the bathroom door while Kara's father was about to shower, "I'll wait."
Mr. Jefferson could not contain himself. Image after image of his fantasies trickled in his mind, over and over again, until the thought had to be fulfilled. He lost control, he was tempted, looking into her hazel eyes, Lauren took over his fickle mind.
"Oh, sweetheart, you don't have to close the door," he said turning on the shower water, "I always watch you smiling at me and I want to share something with you, something that you'll never let go of." As Mr. Jefferson made his move, in a house filled with the opposite sex, even his daughter and wife; at first touch there was no turning back. Holding on to a young innocent girl, his wife entered the bathroom to entertain his thoughts and fell into her husband's original sin. Instant hurt filled her heart, mind, body and soul. Everything that she loved had spontaneously turned into hate. She then rushed to her room to grab Mr. Jefferson's gun. Hearing her daughter and friends screaming as they entered the light from the steaming bathroom had fueled her rage even more. She shoved them to the side and began to shoot. She killed her husband that night at point blank range; she killed the father of her only child. Original sin caused Kara's mother to kill her father without a second thought. One touch turned thoughts into action. The young teenage girls had just witnessed a tragedy and that was it, a fun filled sleep over went from planing the next one to a night with flashing lights and sirens.
After this life changing moment, Lauren would never forgive herself. In all of her beauty, Lauren blamed herself for everything that had occurred that night. Every young teenage boy who tried to be with her could never heal her heart or undo what had been done on the night of June 13, 1997. Crying herself to sleep, trembling at the sound of her father washing up, she began to cut herself. Her mother rushed to the room in the midst of her screaming.
"Why have I been cursed with beauty? Why am I here to live like this? No one loves me Ma." She said, falling to the floor in her mother's arms. Rubbing her hands through her wool curly hair, her mother tried her best to calm her down.
"Lauren, the only thing I can tell you to do is what my mother told me to do when I faced a problem. She told me to write it down. Write away your problems Lauren." Lauren's mother said, holding her shaking daughter. 
After years of trying to overcome, the only thing that kept Lauren alive was a pen and a pad. After years of struggling with the past, she had written everything down. With the okay from everyone involved on the night of June 13, 1997, she published her first book about her life. She chose the title: "Original Sin." Lauren turned nothing into something. Her work saved the lives of so many men and women who battle with original sin. Everyone affected that night used a terrible event and turned it into something good and after her time in prison, Kara's mom spoke life into an audience that had also struggled with climbing out of the pit of lust. Sometimes the only way to overcome guilt is to overcome it with something good.
The End.

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