Saturday, December 14, 2019

Little Cuddies’ Christmas Adventure

This is a child’s tale, so the magic of Christmas will always stay alive. All it takes is one Cuddy.

It was a cold winter night and all of the little Cuddies were tucked in. Belief had somehow left the hearts of all of God’s creation so he sent angels to the little Cuddies.
“Oh my, Blue Cuddy, what is that light at the window. Ooooo, it has wings,” Green Cuddy said in excitement.
Gray Cuddy woke up in all of the chatter, “Is it time for the Cuddies to power up already?” He said wiping his face.
“God has called us Cuddies,” Black Cuddy said.
White Cuddy jumped up, “Oh boy! We finally get to celebrate Christmas.”
The angels began to smile at the Cuddies and they talked with them also.
“I want you to go to God’s creation and bring the joy back into the Christmas season, somehow they’ve stop believing in the true magic and spirit that has filled their hearts for so long. They’ve become scum bags,” the angels explained.
Power Cuddy got offended by the angels description, “I hate scum bags,” he said.
Purple Cuddy got in on the excitement, “Scum bags ruin the Cuddy way.”
All of Cuddy kingdom got together, family is what made the Cuddies great. They had no way of living but to show love.
Hip hop Cuddy, grabbed his drums. “Aahhh yeah Fam, it’s time for a Christmas showdown,” he shouted.
“We will go to God’s people and we will put the magic and joy back into them,” Poem Cuddy said as all of the other little Cuddies powered up.
“Cuddy power!” They all shouted flying out of the clouds to save Christmas. Santa Cuddy had found a purpose, he sent showers of love and gifts from the sky. Christ Cuddy put joy and redemption back in everyone’s heart. When the Godless tribe and the scum bags tried to ruin the holiday spirit they were no match for the Cuddies. The Cuddies were love professionals. They welcomed the Godless tribe and the scumbags and converted them with the power of Love Cuddy. With all of the positive energy from the Cuddies the humans had somehow learned to fly. Love had made them weightless.
Joy Cuddy got excited, “We did it Cuddies, we saved Christmas. There’s so much belief in the air, my joy meter is off of the charts. Share Cuddy was overwhelmed also, he began to share all of his gold Cuddy bonds with the humans. With these gold Cuddy bonds there will be plenty of love to share all year round. As the Cuddies finished their mission, Belief Cuddy confirmed that God’s creation was back on track, they then disappeared back into the clouds back to Planet Peace where all of the other little Cuddies lived.
“We did it Cuddies, we saved Christmas.”
The Sun stood still that day, but the Cuddies left just enough clouds in the sky to make it snow. A new life began on Earth and the magic and joy of the holiday season had filled everyone’s heart again.
“Cuddy Power!”

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