Thursday, August 13, 2020


“The ice is melting momma,” Izzy the cub said.

All of the polar bears gathered around on what ice was left.

“My god, I’ve never seen such a sight in all of my years, all of the ice is nearly gone. We have to search for a new home,” Kemet, the lead polar bear said to his celebration of polar bears, it was evident that he was frustrated because he also had been missing meals.

His daughter Teresa kindly gave him her last fish,   “If we head inland maybe the humans will help us Papa,” Teresa suggested.

All of the polar bears began to migrate inland in search for food and a new home. On their journey some were hunted and killed. This discouraged Papa bear. 

“This maybe the end for us family,” Papa bear said.

“Don’t say that Papa, we’ve come so far,” Teresa replied.

“We‘ve lost nearly half of our celebration and most of us haven’t ate in days,” Papa bear said feeling hopeless.

The other polar bears had never seen  Papa bear so down.

Izzy took his Papa’s paw, “ Don’t give up Papa,” he said. At that moment Papa bear’s heart began to beat faster, his polar bear instincts began to kick in. 

“We have no hope with the humans, they’ll kill us all. We have to head south,” he said.

On their journey it began to snow.

When Izzy saw penguins he knew everything would be okay.

“Welcome to the ice castle,” Jeffery the penguin said greeting and comforting the tired and ravaged polar bears in this rare moment for penguins and polar bears. The earth was changing forcing some animals to become neighbors and some to become friends. The time for sharing had come as penguins and polar bears sat and ate in their new cryosphere together.

Izzy took Papa bear’s paw again, “Good things happen when you don’t give up hope Papa.”

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