Monday, August 31, 2020


 Salute, take a bow.

The Artist shall not take your orders.

My brush is my weapon, I will fight with my musical instrument of choice. I will only wear a mask for the sake of the people I paint, draw and play for. 

As for the rule of law, I will take the virus and die at the communist dinner table before I submit to their orders.

Dissect my abdomen and shove my appendix in the face of the ruler looking to mandate my God given freedom. My heart beats to fight for it. I behoove of thee tyrants and dictators to practice freedom as a right, for you have no place at my dinner table if you don’t. Such communist laws torments and destroys the soul of any nation and it’s people, for they are forced into fear, it is not chosen. They die wishing for natural feelings. Slave labor is another type of hell, it is another type of slow death that eats away at the human spirit to fight for and envy freedom. I will take the virus and die at the communist table before I submit to their rule of law.

Do you not see the colors of freedom, for I will not sit and watch my people be oppressed. I will not watch their bloodshed paint the land under forceful government rules. Those who have been oppressed fear this type of system. Their ancestors shed their blood for freedom.

I owe a debt to those people, for God alone sent me to liberate them with my brush, for my intellectual thoughts alone will build a free nation that gives anyone the will to paint and create freely. To hell with you and your mask, for I will take the virus and die at the communist table. How weak have the freedom fighters become, for victory has defeated them. 

Therefore, I will not eat at a restaurant which makes mask mandatory and does not provide one for free, I will not be in the presence of people who are colorblind and militant under the rule of law. Their supremacy is a delusion. For God himself says take timeout to loosen up but do not give in to drunkenness or you may be caught off guard by communist and tyrants looking to make you a freedom-less slave. For that, I’ll take the virus—die, meet God then resurrect to send communist and tyrants back to hell where they came from. A representative democracy is worth fighting for. I’ll take the virus and watch my sword puncture the heart of communist leaders as we die together and I alone for the will of the people as they witness my sacrifice and never forget to fight for freedom. 

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