Wednesday, January 22, 2020


“Take cover! Take cover! Now! We got gun shots 12 o'clock. Get down! Nobody fire until my order,” Captain Winslow shouts.
Boom! Shrapnel flies everywhere.
“Captain Winslow, I just pissed my pants. I need someone to cover me.”
“Robinson, what the hell!”
Dickerson takes a closer look, “Robinson that ain’t piss; that’s blood, you been hit.”
Captain Winslow covers his ground, “Get a medic over here, where the hell is Louis?”
“We’re taking heavy hits, sir, we may have to regroup,” Louis says, rushing in to get Robinson to cover.
“Sorry Captain, I let you down,” Robinson says being carried away.
Captain Winslow is too occupied to respond, “Okay gentlemen, we have to get the enemy to push back. Another unit should be coming in soon, plus we got a fly over missile attack coming to quiet things down a bit.”
“Brigs, this is unit Alpha, Charlie, I need info on where the enemy drone is...” a bullet goes straight through Grey’s head.
“Oh god, they just took out Grey.”
Captain Winslow sees the two-way radio laying on the ground next to Grey’s body.
“Jamison, pick up that radio, and see if we got info on that drone attack from the enemy. All units get ready to fire. This is it fellows, after today, home is all we have to look forward too, so use that hope to stay alive. On my order we unleash the beast. We give them everything we’ve got, to push them back.”
“Captain, if I don’t make it out of this hell, tell my son that his father fought for his ...” Bullet shoots right through Peterson. His last word was peace. The WAR went on with many casualties, and all those on the battlefield carried on with Peterson’s last words as their motivation. WAR changes things and bullets are fired to kill. Good people die in WAR. Not to many pills can cure the memories but home is always the hope to get back to. WAR is painful, WAR is scary, WAR is the opposite of PEACE. Try to make it the last resort, better yet, try to end it, it really brings people down to earth really fast. WAR is not fair, it’s hell on earth. The things that you take for granted are often appreciated in one word:

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