Friday, January 24, 2020

The Dictator

It started with laziness, partying and violence.
The preacher in the pulpit talking about God’s wrath.
He watches it all, women being raped, wives cheating, then he snaps.
If you don’t reason with an Alpha, you will eventually make him evil.
In his eyes he is sent to heal the wounds of his people.
He is sent from God.
He is God in his own mind.
This is the mind of someone who is afraid of hunger.
This is the mind of someone who sees no justice in those who don’t listen to him and him alone.
This is the mind of someone with no feelings or compassion.
He deprives his people of knowledge and weapons so they don’t rebel against him.
He keeps a watchful eye on the babies being born so they don’t grow stronger than him.
Common sense is his, he is all that matters.
He kills, he delights in his power.
He feels that justice is in him alone and he rules with an iron fist.
He draws crowds because in him his people see strength.
Fragile fathers give him their daughters.
His followers feel that he is their savior, they know no God.
All of his wrath will awaken those whom are considered the infidels.
They run and hide.
The evil eye watches as the clock ticks away and now time is spent fleeing for safety.
Look in the eyes of a slave and you will see nothing but pain.
No will of choice, complete surrendering of all.
No soul, no life, they belong to their master.
For those who know evil, who’ve witnessed it, leave signs to warn the masses.
For they have been victims.
Their blood is in the fruit you eat, the water you drink, it’s in the land.
Such evil will make you honor the light of day because the screams at night won’t stop until the dictator is dead.
Some say that evil has its purpose, those who believe that usually are not victims.
They watch and take comfort in their safety, speaking of their blessings, getting fat off of the land.
Their knees are sore because they’re superstitious.
Some of them see purpose in the dictator.
Be watchful friends, the dictator rarely sleeps, when he does, he watches and waits for his time.
He alone is the goad of civilization at least that’s what he believes.

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