Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The 2020 Jungle Analogy

It may shock you that some people view the world as a jungle, but it’s a fact that if you feed a dog, there’s a good chance that you and the dog will get along and you won’t get bit. The 2020 jungle analogy is like a different state of thought, it’s like spending all of your money on a homeless man only to find out that you’re homeless and now he’s not. The jungle analogy occurs in cycles, it’s the description of people who choose a $25 an hour job only to be let go when they get injured. In 2020 you’ll hear more about the jungle analogy because it has a lot to do with how humans spend their time. In the jungle you could have a gun up to your head to get you to stop smoking but would you stop once the gun is gone and you’re set free to make your own choices. The 2020 jungle analogy is a crazy way to view the world, like how some people see weakness in a kind person or why some people stay in an abusive relationship. It’s understanding human behavior and how some people are just disconnected from reality. There’s only one rule in the jungle analogy that could help a person stay off of the radar, that rule is:
Don’t fire the first shot.
If you fire the first shot, you'll spend the rest of your life trying to get out or hide from the cage. The cage is where they send people who fight back in the jungle. This analogy may sound brutal and untruthful to some but the highly educated go around the jungle, they only go in to recruit or experiment. They drive around with signs on their cars that say they don’t have time for stupid people or they feed you to get a vote then leave you stranded to fend for yourself. This may sound harsh but death is inevitable in the jungle, people die quite often and women often have no choice but to abort their children so spend your time wisely. Beware, one revolutionary mind could cause not only a riot but a war that drags on and on. Good luck on your journey through the 2020 Jungle Analogy, if you make it out, don’t look back and don’t fall behind, there are a lot of people treading water and sinking in quicksand, they can latch on to you quickly and bring you down. Keep in mind that this is only an analogy that exhibits a state of thought. It is not a proven fact.

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