Monday, January 13, 2020

Drug Zombies

Once upon a time, in a town called Cranberry Valley, there was a mad scientist. He experimented with every drug known to man, then it happened. So many people were on drugs that they turned into zombies and started roaming the streets dismantling everything. He had turned the people into savages. They were everywhere and only Judy knew how it happened.
“Richard, you did this, now please fix it!” Judy said, pounding on Richard’s door to do something.
“I can’t, it’s too late, the damage is done,” Richard replied.
One of the zombies had climbed the stairs of the duplex apartment where Richard was hiding out.
“Richard, let me in, it’s got my leg, let me in, please!” Judy screamed. Richard made sure the door was locked and hid in his closet. Cowardly, he curled up by the closet door, crying and shaking. On display was his miracle cure for pain. He had desired to make money off of his discoveries, but his miracle cures eventually didn’t work. He just sat there shaking as he heard Judy screaming while the zombies ripped her apart. Til this day the old town called Cranberry Valley is a ghost town where no one dares to enter. Richard’s miracle drugs had ruined everything with no happy ending, only a lesson learned. To scared to face his disaster, Richard injected himself with an overdose of a local anesthetic, never to wake up again.

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