Sunday, November 17, 2019

Upside Down

Oh, what do I do?
Is the teacher the student?
Is the student the teacher?
Is my father my dad?
Oh, where do I go?
Is history the truth?
Is someone coming to save me?
I wrote about it, who will read it?
I woke up Sunday morning and thought it was Monday.
Am I on planet Earth?
Is the Earth flat?
Have I landed on the moon?
What a story, I spent my last dime serving the poor.
Oh, get off of the ledge, it’s Christmas time, Halloween is over.
I may need a stage to write this script but who will act it out?
Poor babies, bad weather, free lunch.
Oh, what a world...
If only science could heal me, give me one more day...
What would I pay to keep going?
What would I pay to keep her happy?
What would I pay to please everyone?
Oh, look at the mighty hand of government...
They’ve lost their way, the people can’t afford them and they can’t afford the people.
I better shut my mouth and be grateful, it’s just unusual, I guess...
It’s just upside down...
I better try and fix it...
Or maybe not...
I’ll just write about it instead.

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